Integrate SATA driver with nLite detailed in the pictures

How to integrate SATA drivers to Windows XP using nLite: step by step

Before an integration of SATA
  1. Find and download the SATA driver by PC model;
  2. Download and install nLite - type nLite download in Google search box for downloading nLite;
  3. Download and install .NET Frameworks 2.0, unless nLite run - type .NET Frameworks 2.0 in Google search box.
  4. DIMEXPRO answers - Ask a Question
Note: main requirements before begin:
  • A driver of SATA (not compression .ini or .inf (does not .exe)) is downloaded;
  • The Windows XP installation disc is inserted;
  • The new folder for new Windows XP is created (C:\WindowsXP_Sata);
  • nLite is installed.

Integrate a driver of SATA into Windows XP using nLite

Insert a Windows XP setup disc into CD/DVD-ROM, close setup window ... and begin, run nLite:

Choose language:
Choose language
click Browse and indicate the path to Windows XP - CDROM:
locating the Windows XP installation
select new created folder where to save the files for modification:
the Windows XP files for modification
copying is complete and defined Windows XP - click Next
copying is complete
next window is opened - click Next:
click next
the Select task window is opened:
the windows select task
Click Drivers:
Choose drivers
Indicate the path to SATA driver - click Multiple driver folder:
Choose SATA
Choose SATA
Select all of SATA drivers - click OK
Choose SATA
click Next
Choose SATA
click Yes
Choose SATA
click Next
Choose SATA
SATA integration is completed - click Finish
SATA integration is completed

Make .ISO

Run nLite again, click any times Next till window Select task:
Making image .ISO
Making image .ISO
Making image .ISO
Making image .ISO
Making image .ISO
click Bootable .ISO and Next:
Making image .ISO
click Make .ISO:
Making image .ISO
Indicate the place where to save the image .ISO - Save - Next:
Making image .ISO
Status "Writing":
Making image .ISO
Image .ISO created successfully and click Next:
Making image .ISO
Customization finished !!!
Making image .ISO

After an integration of SATA

After an integration of SATA you'll need to burn (not copy) an image .ISO file to CD/DVD.
  • Using CDBurnerXP: Run CDBurnerXP, click Burn ISO image - OK, in the opened Burn ISO Image window press Browse and indicate the path to Windows XP, next click Burn disc.
  • Using Nero: Run Nero, burn an image (.ISO file) to CD-RW or DVD-RW (rewritable DVDs) Backup - Burn Image to disc