A Clean Installation of Windows XP BIOS setup with screenshots

All about how to enter the BIOS (F1, F2, F10, Del, Esc) and change BIOS settings.
What the key you can press to run a disc or flash drive. How to create and format partitions and more...

A Windows XP Clean Install

Install Windows XP on a computer and format the hard disk during installation

What's a Windows XP clean installation - it's a process of booting the Windows XP installation disc manually without Windows OS (BIOS settings - booting from CD/DVD) and formatting the hard drive during installation. Then the old operation system will be removed. The process of booting the Windows 7 installation disc from environment of Windows XP is not a clean installation because the old operation system will not be removed fully and you'll have compatibility problems in the future.

The main differences:
  • A clean installation: Turn on PC - BIOS settings (boot from CD/DVD) - Installation
  • An installation: Turn on PC - BIOS settings (boot from HDD) - Operation System (OS) - run CD/DVD - Installation

Backing up personal files, passwords and a list of PC components

Passwords and personal files - the main step before a Windows XP clean installation is a data backup (copying and archiving the files and passwords). Backup programs help to do it. Also simply to know the passwords when you have used Mozilla Firefox. Open Mozilla Firefox and click Tools - Options - Security - Saved Passwords - Show Passwords. Make a PrintScreen (press Prt Sc key), then open Paint program, press Ctrl+V and save as .jpg format.

A list of PC components - for example, a sound doesn't work on your computer after installing Windows XP. Then find the name of adapter in the list of components, next type the name of components in Google search (realtek sound driver download Windows XP), download and install a sound driver. Everest Home Edition program helps to make a list of components easy and carefully. Type in Google search - Everest Home Edition download, download and install this program. If you do not have a list of PC components and a sound of PC doesn't work right now, then you need the program SlimDrivers or finding drivers by vendor. Windows XP installation is made with formatting of hard drive, which guarantees reliable operation of your PC.

Create an install disc of Windows XP from .ISO image

How to create Windows XP CD/DVD (Nero or CDBurnerXP has installed) - burn (don't copy) an image .ISO to the CD/DVD.
1. Nero: run Nero, then click Backup - Burn Image to disc
2. CDBurnerXP download: run CDBurnerXP, click Burn ISO image - OK, in the opened Burn ISO Image window click Browse and show the way to Windows XP image - Burn disc.

Setup BIOS

Before a Windows XP clean installation set up BIOS (basic input/output system) settings. BIOS Amibios for notebooks. Now we show how to setup BIOS Award for PC settings and install Windows XP from BIOS.

The Windows XP clean install process - step by step

Setup BIOS Award

Insert the Windows XP install disc to CD_ROM, restart PC.
When PC is starting, press Del - the BIOS Award setup window is opened
BIOS setup
Select Advanced BIOS Features,
BIOS setup
press Enter.
In the opened window, select First Boot Device,
BIOS setup
press Enter.
In the opened window, select CD ROM, press Enter
BIOS setup
Repeat all for Second Boot Device too. In the opened window, select Second Boot Device,
press Enter. In the opened window, select HDD, press Enter
Then press Esc
BIOS setup
In the main BIOS window
BIOS setup
select Save and Exit Setup and press Enter.

You see the question - Save To CMOS and EXIT(Y/N)?, type Y and press Enter.
Attention - The CD must be inserted.

Install Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8

Installation of Windows XP is starting - when you see Press any key to boot from CD, press any key. After a few minutes you see a window:
To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER;
To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R;
To quit Setup without installing Windows.

Select the first - To set up Windows XP now, press Enter. Read the license, then press F8.

How To Format a Hard Drive

The Window is opened (1 example). You see the parts (C or C, D) of of hard drive. Now you can (C drive is selected) continue an installing of Windows XP. Press Enter, then select a method of formatting (7 example), next Enter - F, then at once go to Windows XP configuration. But you can also create the partitions (C for system files and D for personal files), used follow options (1 example): To set up Windows XP; To create a partition; To delete the selected. If you'd like to create two partitions С and D - select С drive, press (D) - To delete the selected, press D,

Formatting the hard disk
1 example
press Enter
Formatting the hard disk
2 example
press L
Formatting the hard disk
3 example
press (C) - To create a partition, press C,
Formatting the hard disk
4 example
type the size (about a half of the hard drive) in MB, press Enter,
Formatting the hard disk
5 example
in the opened window, select Unpartitioned space and create D partition, press C - Enter.
Formatting the hard disk
6 example
Next select C partition, press Enter. In the opened window, select
Format the partition using the NTFS file system , then press Enter - F.
Formatting the hard disk
7 example
Do not forget - all information will be deleted.
Formatting is starting - Setup is formatting.

Windows XP configuration - after formatting will automatically start recording files required our operating system - about 15-20 minutes. The computer is rebooting (don't press any key). Then you see a nice graphical interface and soon in the Regional and Language Options window click Details.., choose your region and language Add-OK-Next, in the next Personalize Your Software window type your Name and Home, click Next, then type Your Product Key, Next, in the Computer Name and Administrator Password window type Name of PC and administrator's password, Next, in the next Date and Time Settings window select Time Zone, Next, in the Networking Settings window select Typical settings, Next, then you'll see Workgroup or Computer Domain window where opposite No type WORKGROUP, click Next, after 20-30 minutes the computer will have been rebooting (don't press any key).

A last part of installation after rebooting - you see Display Settings window. Click OK, in the next Monitor Settings window click OK again, then in the Welcome to Microsoft Windows window click a green button called Next, in the next Help protect your PC window select Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates now and click Next again, then prompted to select a connection to the Internet, select No, this computer will connect directly to the internet (by default), click Next. In the window of registration choose a registration right now, click Next or Skip, in the new Who will use this computer? window where is a table type Your name, click Next, in the last Thank you window click Finish.

Install Windows XP from BIOS - not found the hard drive

For the new computers with Windows 7, Vista - ASUS, IBM, HP
install Windows XP from BIOS (change Windows 7, Vista to Windows XP):

  • Method 1. BIOS setup - disable SATA - if there is a possibility - for IBM, ASUS (unless - method 2,3)
    ***** Example for ASUS *****
    When PC is starting, press F2, the BIOS window is opened example 1 - select Advanced (example 2), IDE configuration is selected (example 2), press Enter, SATA Operation Mode is selected (example 3), press Enter, then select Compatible (example 4), press Enter, next press F10 - Y - OK
    PC is restarting without SATA - install Windows XP;

BIOS setup Asus
example 1
BIOS setup Asus
example 2
BIOS setup Asus
example 3
BIOS setup Asus
example 4

  • Method 2 - Use USB flash or Floppy disc with SATA driver for Windows XP (see site PC manufacturer), when Windows installing is starting, press F6 (see the bottom of the screen), next by instruction install SATA and continue install Windows;
  • Method 3 - Integrate SATA to Windows XP(SP2) with nLite (when you can not disable SATA) see details.

Install Windows XP from USB

The essence of the whole process - installing Windows XP from USB - preparation of the USB flash drive.
The easiest way to do it - free program Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool:

  • - Windows .ISO file is on your PC, USB flash drive is on;
  • - download, install and run;
Choose ISO file
Choose USB
Erase USB
Choose USB
Flash USB
Use now the USB flash drive for the process - installing Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 from USB:
  • insert the flash drive to USB, reboot PC, when PC is starting press Esc and see popup menu (for Asus, for other PC see in the instruction), select USB Drive and press Enter, or, if you do not know that button (for entering popup menu), then go to BIOS, press (F2 or Del), change BIOS (see Amibios BIOS setup) setup 1st Boot Device from CD/DVD ROM to Removable Device, then go one step back, press Esc, in the Boot Settings window, select Hard Disc Drives, then press Enter, Enter, select USB Drive and press Enter again, then press F10 and OK;
  • PC is rebooting, see a table, select Boot from USB and press Enter, in the opened window we see a partition of USB flash drive, press Esc, now you'll see all the partitions of PC. Further installing Windows XP, 7 from USB is similar to the normal installation. But, during the reboot (when we do not make anything - 2 and 3 time), the computer will prompt you to select: Windows XP Professional or Windows XP. Then using the arrows you have to go down one line and choose Windows XP. Only then installation will continue, otherwise we shall see an error about hal.dll file. If you don't choose the first time and will have an error, restart the PC and repeat again. After finishing the installation, disable the USB flash drive, now PC have to reboot itself. Here was the option of using USB flash drive, when BIOS version - Amibios, PC - Asus F3SC, Z53S with OS Windows XP, in either case, Windows XP installation from USB is similar.

Turn on SATA - Asus with Intel motherboard after Windows XP installing

Before changing BIOS settings (method 1 - back - Compatible to Enhanced) you need:

  • - download and install SATA driver for Asus F3SC, Z53 with Intel motherboard;
  • - go to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM\PREPARE and double-click Install.cmd;
  • - restart PC, press F2, BIOS setup is opened, change Compatible to Enhanced - see method 1;
  • - PC is rebooting, you'll see the window - Found New Hardware Wizards, click No, not this time, click Next, select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced), then click Next, select Search for the best driver in these locations, next go to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM, select directory IMSM, click Next - the driver is found - Finish. Restart your computer - click Yes.