BIOS update

The reasons for updating the BIOS

Updating the BIOS is responsible operation and make it necessary only when necessary. Some examples:

  • On the motherboard you need to install a new processor that is compatible only with the updated BIOS.
  • Necessary to connect a hard drive larger than allowed for the current version of BIOS.
  • Computer will not start, does not appear the Windows logo or appears BIOS update For Installed CPU Failed.
  • You must activate the possibility of an additional set of chips that were not used in the initial version of the BIOS.
  • The BIOS code contains errors that affect the speed and stability of the system (this may be many factors that generate errors, so before you upgrade, you should check the installation BIOS, hardware settings, driver compatibility, operating system settings).

If there is no reason to update the BIOS, it is better to leave this venture, as the later have to re-adjust the BIOS setup or install an operating system.

Search for a new BIOS version

When you update the BIOS need to download updates from the manufacturer of the motherboard. For this we need to know the name of the motherboard and manufacturer. If there are instructions for use, then no problem. Some manufacturers describe in the instructions a few models, so will have to choose the right, which is in the computer. If no instructions, to determine the name of better use of special programs for the diagnosis or to determine visually. Example. Everest Home Edition ( Install and run Everest, choose (motherboard), then (BIOS) and see on the right a full information about BIOS version.

BIOS update for older computers is happening in MS DOS, should also prepare a startup disk, so an ordinary user to make the update process will be difficult. Consider the operation of updating the BIOS for the Asus update program in the BIOS environment.

Updating the BIOS in the Windows environment for Asus F3SC

  • Check notebook model and download the latest BIOS file from the Internet -
  • Save BIOS file in the root of C drive, C:\
  • To update the BIOS using WINFLASH. You may download WINFLASH from internet. Type to Google search WINFLASH download, download and install.
  • Then Start - All Programs - Asus Utility - WINFLASH - WINFLASH:
    • Find and select the new version of BIOS file;
    • Reaffirm the BIOS information. Check the model version and data;
    • Click Flash - to initialize the procedure for updating BIOS;
    • When the procedure is finished, click Exit;
    • Restart computer, when it starts, press F2, the window BIOS Setup is opened;
    • Select Exit, now falling down, mark Load Manufacture Defaults, then press Enter - Enter - F10 - Enter;
    • BIOS update is completed.

Updating the BIOS in the BIOS environment for Asus F3SC

To use the update Asus, we need to write the update file to CD in the new format *.rom, where * model of mainboard. Insert CD and restart computer. Press F2, the BIOS Setup windows is opened, run programs Advanced - Start Easy Flash. Select BIOS update file and Enter. Starts an update operation, the computer restarts.

BIOS recovery

Not observing the above listed regulations or for any other reason, BIOS code may be corrupted. Result - computer doesn't load, but work any coolers and indicators of external devices. Now turn off your computer and with jumper on the mainboard repair BIOS setup (change jumper place CMOS Clear 1-2 to 2-3 and back). Turn on computer and go to BIOS setup, press F2 or Del, then select (load defaults), press F10-Y-OK. Restart computer. If any external devices do not work (ex. USB), then you have to get back into the BIOS and enable them.